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I have a wall attached water but which has become blocked, probably with moss / leaves

any tips re unblocking the but without having to dismantle / remove for the wall gratefully received.


No, sorry, but they do say that if you tie a bit of old stocking or tights material over the inlet you don't have the problem to then solve


Attach a hose to the open tap and blow the blockage back into the butt.

Ensure you put a well-fitting lid on the butt. The water will go mucky if you allow any moss or leaves into it.

Sounds as though you need to dismantle it and clean it out thoroughly.  You can syphon the water out very easily if necessary.


I found getting on my hands and knees and turning the tap on while gently teasing a cheap pen up the spout cleared the muck in my tap very well! (Watch out for splash back!)

If you've a lot of dirt in there you may want to empty it out and go for the tights over the inlet to stop it blocking up again. Just remember to empty the tight every so often!

flowering rose

you need to have over your guttering netting  and the pipe straight into the butt it self or you may need to cover  inlet with  mesh or to the problem now you will most likely have to go a up a ladder to un block it.


Hey thanks everyone! Great to get such quick sensible advice 

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