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I have attached a picture of my Miscanthus, not sure of the variety. It has started to turn now but my question is about the flower spikes. They are tiny. Last year they were a lot bigger and more 'fluffy' so to speak. I would like to know why this may have happened and if there is anything I can do to make sure next years show is as good as last years.

In fact, all my grasses have under performed this year, zebra grass, and all three of the Miscanthus pictured above.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Can I ask you, are these grasses growing in fairly dry conditions?  Miscanthus like some moisture.  It's been a long,,dry and hot summer and they may simply have been "dehydrated". 

My miscanthus....I grow a few different varieties.....are all 6' plus and currently in full flower.  Your zebra grass, zebrinus, is usually a vigorous grass.


Thanks Verdun.

I have got quite sandy soil which coupled with the dry year has perhaps taken its toll. Mositure makes sense as last year was quite wet and they all thrived.

If we get the same conditions next year will it be as simple as keeping them watered or is there anything else i could do to help them back to last years best? May be a good mulch?


For now, for the winter, leave them alone.

In spring try to make a mound of soil around the grasses to make a sort of reservoir and water really well.  Then, yes, mulch with something substantial like dried manure. It's funny I have a couple of miscanthus morning is growing in good rich soil and is 7' plus and full dense foliage.  The other is in my front garden where soil is more sandy.  It is only half the size.  I will move it soon.. should not really move in autumn ......but Im confident it will be ok.

Many grasses like dry conditions....stipas for example and  calamagrostis  and you could try them there. These flower earlier in the summer.

Good luck mowmymoss

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