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I have an unidentified climbing plant (probably a weed) in my garden which has been there for about three years.

It is a perennial which has a very long, pointed and quite thick white tap root, a bit like a long parsnip, but thinner. It also has tendrils.

This year a second one appeared in a nearby, more open, part of the garden. It was growing at the woody base of a Lavatera which had died during last winter, both of which I have now dug up.

The original plant is growing under a tree, so it is growing in the shade. It is vigorous and in one season it grows up to about 10ft but it then dies down in winter. The leaves have 5 pointed lobes and are attached to the main stem on stalks. I cannot remember it flowering, but if it does they must be insignificant.

I would be grateful to anyone who can identify it. Once I know what it is I can decide whether or not to remove it. I quite like it as the leaves are a nice shape and their colour contrasts well to the surrounding leaves and the burgundy coloured leaves of the ornamental plum tree which it is growing through.


Bryonia dioica, white briony. Lovely but a bit of a swamper. and poisonous berries

Thank you so much. That was very quick!

Right, have checked it out, and have decided it must go. Thanks, nutcutlet, for your help.


don't eat the parsnip


Thanks for the warning. The after effects wouldn't be very nice!

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