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Can anybody help please, wondering what these berries are, they are on our newly 

horse manured plot, many thanks







Hard to be sure from the pic but it looks more like a fungus than a berry. More likely in than position as well


I've spent a lot of time in gardens and with horse manure, but that doesn't look familiar to me 



If they are berries-what happens when you squeeze them?

Jean Genie

Think I would be more inclined to tread them ! They look like grapes  Hope someone can answer your question- I'm intrigued now.



I think you need to disect them. Have they got a seed in? Do they smell like mushrooms or grapes or something else altogether? Are they attached to those pieces of straw or cane (the straight bits). If so are they growing directly out of it or is there a stalk? 

agree with Jean Riley, I'm intrigued. 


Could they be eggs of something? Snails have white eggs, but not quite like those.


Busy Lizzie's suggestion makes me realise I have no idea of the scale. How big are they?

Gary Hobson

A simple question is to ask is whether they are all on little stalks, which are growing out of the ground. If so, it's a fungus, and competely harmless.

chilli lover

Come back Wessie and give some more info!


This is what I find frustrating-questions are asked but the person who asks it does acknowledge the answers or return to comment.

Come on wessie-we wont bite


I agree. (and apologies If I've ever been guilty of this).


looks like another one of those packing material or droped decorations to me.

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