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Hi i am currently preparing an area appox 30 square meter to make a meadow.

I have used weedkiller as i had a lot of ground elder, i am now digging over ready to sow meadow grasses. there were several small trees which i thought were sapplings, but they are all attatched to each other by spreading roots!  I have no idea what they are but the roots are very hard to pull up. I am thinking of cutting of at ground level then using root kill. Has anyone else had this problem?

 These are the roots 

 And here are some still growing 


Aliesh, I don't know but replying to move you back up the forum. Looks a devil to me.

Sure someone will know what it is.


can you get a better picture Aleish, when enlarged it goes out of focus. I was looking at the whitish stem and thinking it might be Populus alba, white poplar, which will do that esp if cut down.  Lots of trees will send up suckers though and I'm not sure of this one


Thanks Will try to get better photo. The strange thing is we can't see a tree the same on our land, so we dont know where it has come from.


Follow the roots back to their origin.  It won't be that far away!



I agree with Nutcutlet. These suckers pop up in my garden from a poplar tree 2 gardens away - look around you for either the tree or a stump, ask a neighbour if one has been cut down recently.


There's a mini forest of white poplar up the road from uswhere there used to be a tree

Thanks for all your replies. I think it is white poplar it's not in my garden but on our family owned land where i have my allotment. My late father in law always kept it tidy  ( well sort of ) there are two more areas where i would like to create wild flower meadows,also infected with the suckers. Not had time to go up today but i will have a look again  tomorrow for the main tree, there is a stream that runs on the edge of our land could it have spread across ? Think i have started something i will regret! 


it could cross a stream but the most suckers occur when the tree is gone.

Here is another photo of a larger sappling


 this could be the main tree it's so tall it's hard to see the leaves

 I am wondering if i kill the spreading roots with root kill if they will still keep comming! Why are things so complicated.


These suckers have come up in my lawn, greenhouse and borders from a tree 2 doors away. I just cut them down with the lawn mower or loppers depending where they are. They get quite woody at the base and can be broken off the shallow roots. I've never tried any weedkiller but would be interested to hear how you get on if you try...

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