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Apologies if this is a well worn topic.  I've recently installed chicken wire at the back of our garden (in an L shape under the ground too) plus a new garden gate only to find that the rabbits are still coming into our garden from our neighbours' side.  Any ideas how to keep them out apart from fencing?

You just need to find where they get in and fence it off.  The tiniest gap is enough.  In my experience where they run to to escape you is where they get in.  Can they get in through or under the gate?

Charley, when burying the chicken wire it needs to be about a foot down in a U shape with the edge pointing up in the direction of burrowing.

The rabbits need to come across the sharp edges of the chicken wire.

If they are still burrowing underneath a second layer of chicken wire a further 6 inches down will do the trick. or as dove says a terrier! 

Ok, Verdun, the rabbits are definitely running to our neighbours' side to escape so that narrows it down a little.  Ha ha, Dave Morgan - I really like that idea.  That would be a once and for all solution.  I think I may just know where I can find a couple of jack russells   Looks like I've got a little more fencing to arrange too.  Anything to protect all my new spring flowers   Thanks everyone.



Our chickens chase rabbits away, and they lay eggs!


Bit early for Easter Bunnies!

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have never found them burrowing under my wire but I have seen them jump over it where it wasn't tall enough. 

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