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I have uploaded photos before, but it doesn't work anymore. I click on the oak tree, then select and my photo files come up but then it seems stuck and they won't upload onto the forum. Is it my computer or this site?

Caz W

Hi Busy-Lizzie - seems to be working OK for me


lol sorry can't help op but great  card.


BL-try the alternative I suggested the other day-upload to a photo sharing site than download them on here using the direct limk option

Perhaps the photos you are trying to load are too big?-you can try downsizing them


Good heavens, it's Geoff again!! Thanks, I'll have to practice that, I've never done it before, bit nervous about computers. More at home with gardening and horses!



BL-have sent you a message


I've just had problems as well. But after a lot of fiddling managed it. Like you BL am very nervous around them but finding my skills are getting better as I use the forum



Since my message above in 2012 and with coaching from Geoff who was here then I have learnt a lot more about using a laptop

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