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Been trying to upload a photo for the last 'alf  'our and now my brain is 'urting...!!!

I have gone to the little tree symbol thingy above...

...where a wee window opens... says 'Select files to upload'...the photo is on my computer so I located it with the 'Select' button

...I then have pressed the 'Upload' button (742 times...!!!) and bu**er all 'appens...

What am I doin' wrong please...?


Going for a fag and a glass of Nescaf to calm doon...!!!


star gaze lily

Lol carmic, I don't know either, have tried several times, but i've got Samsung tablet. I can't even see the green tree!!

If naybody replies pronto Star Gaze Lily I am orf for a Drambuie with that there Nescaf...


star gaze lily

Bit early in the day for me, but i'll jion you later  

One can never be too early for a Drambuie Star Gaze Lily....

..anyway its midday plus 'ere in France...and it must be well past the yard arm somewhere in the world...Hic Hic



Hi Carmic x Sometimes the upload takes a while. Maybe you should press upload and then go and have your Nescafé/whiskey? Once you have uploaded you are then asked to save it, and at this point it should appear in your text box  

I believe also it may depend on file size  although I have never had any issues with file size myself.

Crossing my fingers for you 

star gaze lily

You're probably right carmic  oh go on then just a small one  

 Either I've gone blind because of the Drambuie or I am just bl**dy useless...this time I got in to upload in the other window but when I look 'ere it looks blank...

Lets see what 'appens when I submit it...

If the picture is there what I would like to know is...

Is this a wallflower and the seeds that are still in the pods can I sow them now in a tray of compost so that I can have this plant elsewhere next year...???

Under the soon to start flowering plant are hundreds of little plantlets...should transfer them to a pot and bring them on for transplanting later...

 Right, now what did I do with that bl**dy bottle of Drambuie

Yippeee it worked...Thankyou 4thPanda

star gaze lily

Not sure, hic, its a flower,  and hic its against a wall hic hic. Oh carmic I told you it was too early for me hic 

Sorry yes it does. Dont see why you couln't put the seedlings in trays or you could leave some where they are and move next year 


Can't answer your plant question, but glad I could help with photos 

star gaze lily

P.S. carmic, well done at least you know how, now


Yes the yellow flowering thing is a wallflower.

Save seeds still in pods for July next year. Its too late to sow this year to have flowers next year.

I think your little seedlings are weeds. I can see at least two of the euphorbia (weed) family. Seedling wallflowers have long leaves by the time they get to three or four leaves.

 Hope that helps.


Ok Fidgetbones will wait 'til next July to sow the seeds...

The wee seedlings seem to be really concentrated right underneath the Wallflower which is why I thought the Wallflower might have 'given birth'...

If brains were a desease I would be healthy...!!!



I think the seedlings are wallflowers, and the long pods are definately wallflower seeds I would transfer the seedlings into a tray if they turn out not to be wallflowers they should give a good display whatever,if you have enough Drambuie you can imagine they are!!!!!! cheers


If I did nay have enough fags, Nescaf, coffee cake & Drambuie  Mondeoman289, ne'er mind the Wallflower seedlings no a flowerin', my wee world would stop 'o' turnin'...!!!



Some of them are wallflowers, though I can see the euphorbias and other strays.

Just above the first half log on the right that's completely in the picture, there's a seedling with 2 seed leaves, 2 leaves and another coming. That's a wallflower. any that looks like that. Thin them out and see what happens. Or you could pot some up and protect them a bit as they're so small

But they may not last the winter so the next thing to do is save the seed and do as fidget suggests

Is this wallflower one of the usual bedding ones? It looks like one of the more perennial ones. Erysimum helveticum  maybe. That's what the seedlings look like too, I'm not familiar with the bedding type seedlings

Does that make sense or too muddled . No drambuie I promise, though maybe a small glass of something later



Me thinks it is probably a perennial Nutcutlet, because when I arrived here exactly one year ago it was just starting to be in flower then...therefore it has flowered from at least last October until mid August and as you can see it has started flowering again....that is why I am so interested to see if those seedlings below the plant are Wallflowers also...

Well 'tis nigh on 6 o'clock 'ere so time for another Drambuie me thinks...




yep, some of them are. Look after them.

Cheers, but a bit early for me yet. There'll be no dinner if I don't do the preparations first

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