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Could one of you kind people please,please tell me h ow to upload pictures with the "tree"? Thank you.


Click on wherever in your forum post you want the image to appear.

Click on the Tree. It will open a window that lets you choose between your computer and an external site for the image you want to post. It is set by default to your computer. If the image is on your computer, you have to know where it's stored on the computer. Click Select and navigate to where the image is stored. Select the image. Click Upload. Then Save.

The image will appear in your post where you clicked for it to appear.

Pennine Petal
Just click on to the tree icon on the message bar and follow the instructions. You can't always upload if the photo is too big. I use an iPad and can't upload from that.

Thank you everyone, I knew you'd help me.Bless


Look forward to seeing the pictures now huh?



You are sooooo....encouraging Bookertoo,.......good for a novice like me! But watchout,if I suceed they may end up being all pictures with problems.

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