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Hi folks,

Don't know whether you can help but here goes.  I have just taken on a
rockery, which hasn’t been forked for at least 18 months and is like turning over concrete as one would expect would you recommend mixing in some topsoil or compost?


You have managed to post this 3 times!


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If its dry try watering it first. I have patches that set like concrete. There is a two day window between it being a quagmire when it rains and it drying out and being unable to get a fork in.  When you can, add lots of compost or FYM so that it is better next time.

theres loads of bulbs

am I best removing them then composting then putting them back?


Hey Nick - have you got three rockeries! 

Sorry.... If you want to keep the bulbs and you can get them out fairly easily, then you could put them in pots just with some soil or compost over them until you get the ground sorted out. If you know what they are just put a label in beside them till you're ready to put them back in. If they seem ok where they are, then just add some compost round them and leave them in there. It's not a bad idea to put a label where they are anyway so that you don't accidentally spear them when you plant up the rest of the area. 


there just seems to be thousands of bulbs almost lying on the surface etc


If they've already died down, I would take them out and keep them and replant in September. That way you have a blank sheet to start with.

If they are snowdrops,pack them in a little compost to stop them drying out completely.



The ground will be pushing them out a bit as it dries out. If you want to try and salvage them stick them in some compost in spare  pots, water them and tuck them away somewhere. If they come up you can always transplant them later. 

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