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Advice needed

ive got some pots etc with some compost in, is it best to start with fresh or can I just top up with fresh compost"


just mix it with some fresh . or put on beds or in compost bin ,

thank you sorry to appear to be a bit thick 

Green Magpie

I sometimes leave the old compost in the bottom half of the pot and replace the top layer with fresh stuff to get the new plants off to a good start. The rest of the old compost can be used as a soil conditioner elswhere in the garden.

And listen, there is no need to apologise for asking a simple question. As someone else has said, the only stupid question is the one you are too afraid to ask.

Every time someone asks a basic question, lots of other people read the answer and think, "Ooh, I'm glad he asked that, I was wondering too!"

flowering rose

I re-use mine as mulch or put it in the compost.



Just spread mine over a clay type bed and added horse manure and spread Green manure seeds......see reason below

Caliente Mustard Seed is not just a green manure - it also acts as a biofumigant for the soil. Biofumigants suppress various soil borne pests and diseases by releasing naturally occurring compounds.

We are all different thank goodness


If you are going to re use the  compost, i would tip it all out and check it for vine weevils.

David Matthews2

I'd like to echo the cautionary comment about vine weevil grubs 'lurking' in old compost -especially in tubs of lilies, daffodils etc. My habit is to change all the compost in such long-term potted subjects and put fresh in when I do the 'end-of-season' tidy-up. *The 'old' compost goes onto the back of shrub borders and gradually gets dug in as a conditioner as I fork the ground over.

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