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I have repotted a rhododendron and have two bags of used ericaceous compost. I often put used compost on the garden. Can I do this with ericaceous compost or will it harm the plants already thriving in non lime free soil/compost?


Spreading it around the garden will not alter the ph a great deal or permanently. It will add bulk to the soil which will help with moisture retention and if its deep enough, weed suppression. Spread away!

Agreed but,do you have any other acid lovers there?  Any blueberries? ,best to use it around those but it's fine to,use anywhere

Verdun you know a lot of stuff how long you been gardening


Since he was in nappies Susan....


Very experienced then ha ha

Thanks, Daintiness.  I can't bring myself to just discard it so I will now put it on my borders.  Sorry if you get this twice - I wasn't signed in the first time I tried!!

Just looked in....some of you guys still trouble and causing mischief 

Hiya Susan,  been gardening since about 21 I guess.  Cleared concrete and rubble and planted some climbers and got hooked.  Always felt gardening was for people who couldn't do anything else.  What a plonker I was!   Just passionate "plantsman" growing quite a large number of good plants, veg and fruit.


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