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I have a patch in my garden which has seen a number of plants die. The problem seems to have started since I placed a bird bath in the area. There are a number of wood pigeons in the area and they particularly like bathing in this particular bird bath. After they have been in it the water is very cloudy.

I tipped the bird bath to empty out the dirty water to replace with clean water from the tub. I thought that this water would contribute to watering the plants in the area although I did still water them. After a while I noticed that the leaves were turning brown as if they were burnt. I stopped letting the water splash over the plants and poured it on the ground. The plants did not recover and shrivelled up.

Any ideas what has caused this? Do I need to take ay action before replacing the plants? (I have moved the bird bath to the middle of a flagged area)


Which plants exactly?

The "pigeon" water may not be the cause

Could be though Geoff

Sounds like the birds have defecated in the water, I used to keep budgies and they'd do this in their baths. They'll poo anywhere and anytime - just a bird thing.

Bird poo is acidic, need i go on.

I'd just dig in lots of organic material and replant.


Oh and when I was just strating out in gardening, the pesky little things used to strip my cabbages to single stalks and leave their tell-tale calling cards....until I got wise !! 

No...I didn't start making pidgeon, awesome stuff. 

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