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I was given a Veg trug for Christmas and would like to know which to fill it with, Multi purpose compost or top soil, or both. I will be growing veg.

Hello Bradders2

I would try a bit of both as some time compost dries out quicker

geoff 2

i would fill half with well rotted manure and top half with 50/50 soil and peat free compost,and a little sand to help drainage ,you will grow anything in that

Hi can i grow veg in an old tractor tyre? have good coffee compost and horse manure and am hoping to grow tatties in one and rhubarb, keen to try any veg,  i have 3 tractor tyres, will this work?


Not sure what coffee compost is and you might need more than horse manure but basically yes- if it is deep enough


geoff 2

coffee grounds are excellent for holding moisture in dry weather,but you should add quality compost as coffee grounds hold no nutrients of note,but before you add this, put a circle of black plastic sheet in the bottom of your tyres with plenty of holes in ,this will suppress weeds and let any excess water drain away,.mix a little grit in the mix of compost and coffee grounds to help with drainage too,about 2 weeks before sowing or planting add a hand full of general purpose fertiliser such as growmore and mix in to the top third of your compost ,this should grow most things.....hope this helps ?

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