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Lyn Plant-Wells

I planted a Philadelphus in my raised border (my garden is tiny) just under 3 years ago. I cut it back last year and it's even more leggy now - some stems about 12' high!

It has not flowered at all and some of the stems break off from the main plant when it's windy. Most stems are thin and break easily anyway. As my garden is so small,  I can't afford to keep any 'under achievers' so wonder if I should take it out and plant something else. I wanted it to be the focal point in the bed but it's just tall, green and uninteresting! 

I'd be grateful for any advice. 


I had one just like that, I dug it out. There is supposed to be a dwarf mock orange, I don't know its name. There are lots of Philadelphus flowering at the moment, they are all huge shrubs!

Lyn Plant-Wells

Thanks! I might donate it to my brother who has a large garden - if it comes out ok. When would you advise trying to move it? (I would cut it down first, of course!)

gardenning granny

I wouldn't think t the best choice for a focal shrub - flowers are all over very quickly and then it is just tall and green for the rest of the year (about 7 foot high in my garden) - it's also prone to blackfly in my garden - I've relegated to the hedge.  The scent is wonderful though.  More productive in my garden is Choisya - a more rounded and controllable shrub with interesting leaves.  Cut back hard after flowering it will flower again later in the year and has a heavy "honey" scent.


Autumn would be a good time to move it


Lyn Plant-Wells

Thanks guys. I got it for the scent really but it's just getting too big.


I got mine as an offer, but didn't realise quite how big it would grow, I'm glad I dug it out after just a couple of years as it was hard enough already

Hey!  Got philadelphus belle Etoile in my garden in full flower right now.  Cut lawn earlier and the scent was womderful.  Ok, not long flowering but I wouldn't be without it.

Pruning is easy,peasy.  Just remove all flowered stems and one or two of the oldest stems to ground level each year.  

Lyn,if you cut it hard back last year it prob would not flower this year.  It will just make a forest of whippy growth.  I would be inclined to spur back some of the extension growth.  Bet  it flowers next year

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