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I have a victoria plum tree which is a very large pot (it is a patio variety). It flowered very well this year and had a large number of plums in it, but in June, the leaves on about 4 of the branches started to go brown and the plums shrivelled up and dropped off. I have one branch that looks healthy left. What has happened here please?


Is there any obvious sign of disease/insect damage Lorna? A pic would help if you can manage it. Someone here will be able to help I'm sure. I would have said  it could  just be the hot weather frying it, but you said it was June that the problem arose so possibly too early for that.

I am also having problems with my Victoria plum tree - a standard variety.  The leaves are fine, but quite a few of the plums are already rotting although they are not yet at the point of ripening.  Have been trying to keep the tree well watered so any ideas gratefully received

Hello Lorna - have you been keeping your little plum tree adequately watered? No missed days where it got a bit thirsty? Have you been keeping it well fed? 

Devon Dumpling - are the "rotting" plums showing any sign of damage on their skin? Could it be wasps having a nibble and then an infection getting in?

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