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Hi all has anyone heard this?  that you can use white vinegar to get rid of weeds in a path?  Is this true and would there be any drawbacks to using it. I have a small veg plot with raised beds and the surrounding paths get very weedy.  Cheers..

Works a treat and I don't use expensive white wine vinegar - malt vinegar does the trick for a fraction of the cost!

If your using it around your precious veg make sure they don't get a dose or you'll lose them aswell.

The vinegar will break down harmlessly - if we can eat it it can't be too harmful, unlike bleach & WD40!



Thanks Edd and briggsy i will definitely give it a try...

Edd wrote (see)

What does bleach break down to Briggsy?

What does it break down to then? I wouldnt have thought the worms would like it.

I really don't know, but would be glad to be told!


I willl certainly  try this out Thank you I have sprinkled salt into  the centre of dandelions This works providing it has a chance to work prior to rain.

Last year I spent much time in hospital and more due shortly, prior to going into hospital I had control of ground elder. It is now there in quantity, any ideas for clearing it would be welcome Prior to this I concentrated in digging but this will not be an option for some time. I have tried roundup but did not find this very helpfulThank you for your help

Whoever thought of putting vodka on dandelions? Some people just aren't wired up right!


Who put vodka on dandelions lisa? Sounds interesting

Steve 309

Hydrogen peroxide (hair bleach) breaks down to water and oxygen.

Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) is more complicated but isn't the sort of stuff I'd want in my garden.  Vinegar sounds lke a brilliant idea.


What does an acid spray do to the balance of power in the soil organisms?

Steve 309

I don't suppose it would help!  But we're talking about spraying weeds in cracks in the drive etc. where this matters less.  S'pose we could always follow up the vinegar with wood ash or somethig else basic.  But we're starting to turn the garden into a chemisrty lab - NOT what (most of) we want to do!

Steve 309

....most of us...?...


Interesting though

I'm always a bit puzzled by those who are determined not to use a chemical designed for a job but are willing to use some other chemical 

No chemicals I understand completely

Steve 309

Well,  nutcutlet, the vinegar is a natural product and will be broken down by soil bacteria (there are bacteria that'll do just about anything!).  Not so for many weedkillers.


Steve 309

And it's cheaper, and doesn't contribute (much?) to the profits of the multinationals.

Not offended Edd, however as Steve points out household bleach is not as simple as it sounds, not many things are.

And given a choice between vinegar and bleach I prefer something that I don't mind putting on my chips!

I am sure that soil microorganisms are not too fond of vinegar either, however we are talking small doses directed mainly to the foliage of the weed so I expect the balance is not affected.




Any thoughts about just plain old boiling water for getting rid of path weeds? I tried it last year and it seemed to work. I'm not aware that I am doing any harm to anything else (but stand to be corrected of course!)

Steve 309

It'll cool down pretty quickly on contact with the cold, cold clay but will kill anything it comes into contact with before that.  Well, anything little anyway.  But at least there are no side effects.

(Good grief! It took me four goes to type 'side' correctly!)

Have you been on the dandelions vodka, steve?