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I have a friend whose garden is exposed to the winds from the sea.  Her and her neighbours are experiencing rapid growth of these weeds.  I have helped hand weed and remove as many plants as possible, and within 2 weeks small plants are smothering the ground again.  Any ideas of an organic way of eradicating or even controlling these weeds.  They appear to be growing as fast now as they did in the winter. 




Hi Ann Flo

Can you post a picture of these weeds please, so we can see the whole plant, leaf shape and flowers if possible.  To upload a picture click on the Tree Icon on the toolbar above where you type your post and follow the instructions 


You're already using an organic method Ann Flo.  You might try hoeing so you don't have to bend over.

If the flowers are like daisies, what are the leaves like?  Have you a photo

Will take a photo next time I see my friend.  The plants have not yet had flowers on, and my friend seems to think they are not daisies.  However I think they are very similar.  As none of these seem to have flowered not sure why they keep coming up so quickl and densly as have taken and removed as many plants as possible, complete with roots.  My friend thought that maybe a week solution of salt water would resolve the matter, but is very cautious in case this upsets her roses and other bedding plants.    Thank you so much for your reply.


what is daisy-like about them AnnFlo? I assumed it was the flowers but if they haven't flowered it can't be that. 

I wouldn't use salt water,  they sound like annuals so just keep weeding rather than upsetting the balance of chemicals in the soil. Logically, if salt will kill the weeds it will kill at least the bedding plants.




I wouldn't use salt water!!!  

The mild winter is encouraging lots of weed seeds to germinate early - they keep coming up because lots of seeds have been scattered there.  What plants are there in the vicinity that shed a lot of seeds? In my garden there are lots of foxglove seedlings all over the place.

Maybe something your friend grew there last summer has shed seeds which are germinating now. 


Thank you everyone who has been kind enough to offer their experience.  Will update you with photos later. 


Depending what sort of weeds they are you can make up an 'friendly' weed killer made of vinegar and salt from memory.

I'll google it and try and find the recipe for you.




I just googled 'home made weed Killer" and lots came up but you will need to sort through them to see what is appropriate for you...

Here's two to get you started...

Personally I don't use any chemicals in the garden and just pull out any weeds that are too invasive.

Before you do anything try and identify what weed it is as some weeds have special benefit for specific wildlife that may be good for your garden. if this is the case you might want to manage them accordingly?






Or they may well be seeds from perennials or hardy annuals that you could grow on and plant out rather than buying more 


I thought the recipe was a concoction of Epsom salt,(magnesium sulphate)  rather than "table salt"  (Sodium Chloride.) 

Am I allowed to put this recipe on here as a weedkiller or a just as "a plant washing liquid!"   

There is recipe for one gallon vinegar. 2 cups of epsom salts and a slosh of washing up liquid presumably as a wetting agent.

What I can't get my head round is American cup measures. As epsom salts are not particularly harmfull I will test some in my set of cup measures and report back.

One US cup of Epsom salts is 250 grms

1UK gall of Vinegar, uses 500 grm Epsom salt, and 60 ml of washing up liquid You will have to work out your own smaller quantities. I am going to test it out.

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