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what do I do with my wallflowers after they have flowered, do I discard or will they come back next year.  they are the type you buy wrapped in newspaper in the late winter early spring.


Not worth keeping I'd say.


I usually keep some and have found for the 2nd tear they come back better and stronger

I grow mine from seed so I have specific colours

I have a beautiful dark purple one (2nd year) and am now wondering how to get seeds from it and will they come true?

Can anyone help

 for me there is no comparison between erysimum used as annuals and 2 or 3 year old plants. after these seed i'll pull them out to let the seedlings come on. and they are a handsome evergreen in the winter. perfect drainage is the thing, winter sun doesn't seem to be important-these are in complete shade for 4 months.

Thanks guys, three different answers.  Will try all three and decide.


Wallflowers are perennials...short term...but usually grown as biennials.  However, they will and do flower the following year too.  I have a couple that were ideal where they were so have enjoyed them again.  However, I dont think they are as good.  First year plants grown as specimens in their own right flower profusely.  will try and take a photo or two tomorrow 


These 2 photos show 2 year old wallflowers

This is the one I want to try and save seed off - anyone know if they come true or not?




Thank you - I usually pull up the ones I don't like after the first year.

Thanks Matty2 think I'll do the same as Susan, great picks.

Look forward to the photos when you have time


Do remember to cut the dead flower heads off to a strongly shooting leaf node though 

Will do, thanks

ordinary yellow captured as I got out of my car.  


 hackonechloa and violas

Matty, may be wrong but your red wallflower is likely to produce variable offspring.  I would try cuttings 

True Susan.  People sometimes forget wallflowers have a perfume.  



Mmmm yes, Verdun I did wonder - could try cuttings and seeds and see what happens - if they survive - the builder is working there and they are getting battered

Is that the Hackenwotsit that likes damp shade?

Hackonechloa likes damp shade yes but I find it grows well in the sun too.  However, I water it well or planted in humus rich soil. Grow it will love it.  

I've left them for second year they will grow bigger and some may die.
hollie hock

Beautiful wallflowers Matty, fab colours, do you remember the name of them? I've only tried cuttings on the Bowles Mauve type but I guess it's the same.

I grew some Cloth of Gold one year and they did flower well in their second year

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