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hi, I removed a wasps nest from a laurel Bush recently, and wondered if it can go on the compost heap ? it's the first time I've come across one and it's such a wonderful construction, clever little creatures

Can't see why not - it's just wood and wasp spit. I'd break it up first though - like you do with cardboard



thanks raisingirl thought that would be the case, but think I'll try pansyface's idea as we have an open fire, thanks both 🌼

Might be full of earwigs etc.



So few children see things like that nowadays ... do you know anyone with connections to a school who would like to take it in for them to marvel at?

Good point.. and then after do Pansy's idea....


It's also wonderful paper-type material for art projects. I'd say, try and find someone who would love it. I cut up the paper into strips and kept it.

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