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Hi all, with the current hot, dry spell some of us are experiencing (no significant rain here for 2-3 weeks), I though I'd share my method of watering pots in which the compost has dried out a lot and shrunk, so when you water them it all runs straight down the sides and out of the bottom!

While the best method is undoubtedly to stand the pots on a tray of water for at least 30 minutes, it's often not practical and is time consuming.

My tip is to create a slurry of multi-purpose compost by mixing a few handfuls of MP compost into a watering can and removing the rose.  When you now water this mixture into the pot, the compost slurry will run into, and quickly block, the gap at the edge of the pot thus allowing the water to soak through much more slowly.  Keep stirring or swirling the slurry about while you pour it in so that it comes out of the spout well-mixed and doesn't settle in the watering can.

Orchid Lady

Fantastic tip Bob and just what I needed. My pots seem to be drying out so quickly even with regular watering, I think the compost I bought is rubbish!! 

Thank you 

Sounds a good plan, Bob...


Good tip! I shall be squirrelling that one away! 


What a fantastic idea Bob! After going away for a day my pots were showing their displeasure at not bring watered every 12 hours by hemorrhaging water when I tried to water them - I'll give your method a go tomorrow!

another great way that makes the water absorb into the compost is put a tiny squirt of washing up liquid into the watering can- give it a stir with a stick- then water yoru hanging baskets and pots.  Harmless to the plants.


great tip Bob thanks.

 Flora rosa

well Bob, wished you'd posted before Saturday hehe, just spent all sat popping my little beauties into buckets of water for half an hour to make sure all saturated !! hadnt really realised just how dried out they'd got - even though watered daily. but as you say, the water has just been draining straight out of them. better now

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