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I live in a 1st floor apartment and have the rear end of a shared garden. I want to start a garden but do not want to keep running up and down stairs with watering cans/buckets of water. Apart from putting a hose through the kitchen window what is the best way of getting water to the site?????

That is it-lived in the a flat on the first floor years ago-there is no other way

Unless you invest in a water butt or some other big container-and store water outside that way

Thanks for your response. ???? Guess I will just have to get on with it... ????Happy Gardening
Gardening Grandma

Hi Dawna. Could you get a water butt and, until it fills naturally, use the hose from the kitchen window idea to fill it for the first time? Toiling up and down stairs sounds like good exercise but somewhat time consuming.

Make sure first though that the owners don't mind you cutting into the down pipes.


If you can't cut into the drainpipes, maybe you could put guttering on a garden shed?    We have two waterbutts attached to our greenhouse, and they give a plentiful supply of water.    If you have the space, then, you can link waterbutts together to collect even more.    It is quite an expense to start with, but well worth it, especially if you are on a water meter.    We also have seven butts attached to our house, and never need to use mains water now.


I use the rain water in my washing machine, time consuming but worth it sometimes, it takes around 14 gallons, just for the wash bit, i couldn't believe it, 

Thanks all...

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