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hello im complete noob on gardening and tryign to grow first flowers but recently they look like theyre starting to die. I water them every two days and not sure if under or overwatering, by looking at these pics what you think?  thanks

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Can you tell us more about your conditions? North or south of the country? North or south facing garden? If you were sitting where they are sitting would you be getting sunburned? I haven't really seen plants die from the bottom up like that before. It almost looks as if something is being splashed up onto the foliage when the ground was hosed forcefully. Is there anything that could be coming into contact with the leaves? Perhaps a cat or dog urinating on them?

The ground looks dry in the picture?  is there a solid crust on the top layer of soil?

thanks for the replys, im living in israel atm, the soil here is pretty sandy and its not solid crust, and this spot is out in the sun most of the day, so yes i wuold def be getting sunburned. I dont hose forcefully, just normal hose spray for about a minute or so every 2 days, not sure bout anything contacting them cat might be possible, thanks



I live in Dordogne and it can get very hot in summer. I don't think watering everyday with a spray on the hose for over a minute would be enough. I water every day when hot. But I've found that if you put the end of the hose into a watering can and don't use the rose or spray then you can give them a good soak with a much gentler water pressure than straight out of the hose pipe. Also sand is very free draining, it may benefit from adding some compost. Are they in troughs or raised beds?


Not only do flowers/plants need water....but food too. Just something to think about.

Gosh, that's an amazing gardening experience. You might be best to ask your neighbours. Your circumstances will be very different from ours and they will be best placed to advise. You could probably grow very good melons there and many more very different plants from those that we grow. A friend of mine used to breed melons in Israel and one became the Galia melon. You could really do amazing things there if you can find other local gardeners to help you. 

thanks again everyone im going to try all thos suggestions

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