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I'm new to gardening and have been given loads off advice and tips but the one thing that's causing a bit of conflict is should I water in the morning or evening? also does it really matter as long as they get water? 

Thank you


Watering can be done any time of the day as long as the sun isnt on the leaves, as this will 'scorch' them.

I'd say Evening is a good time to water in general, or in the morning if you don't want those pesky slugs and snails eating all of your plants!


If at all possible I like to water early in the morning before things warm up.  I find that if I water in the evenings the coldness and wetness, coupled with the darkness, attracts those marauding slugs and snails to the plants I've watered.  If I water very early the water soaks into the ground before the sun can dry it, but the slugs and snails are tucked away fast asleep during the day. 

However, sometimes plants need watering when they need watering, so they get done in the evening - it that happens I try to do a slug patrol with a torch later in the evening 

And do try to keep water off the leaves, particularly on a sunny day.


I water evenings, as mornings are not possible. If this helps.


In theory watering in the evening means less evaporation so the plants benefit more if it's a hot dry spell like most of us are having. However- as everyone says- it has to fit in with your own life too so it's whatever suits you best!

As Dove says- keeping water off leaves if it's sunny is more important than when you water.


Thank you. I water mine in the evening as mornings I don't have time. 




Mattbeer, I read recently that the scorching theory doesn't hold water (no pun intended, ok a bit)


Perhaps I should have worded that a bit better, but you understood what I meant :P

when we are thirsty we have a drink.  water when you can or have to but i think morning watering is best for reasons already mentioned....slugs will love that wetness at night

i dont think scorching ......sun on watered leaves...happens much outdoors but on indoor plants in conservatories, sunny window sills, etc., i think it can be a problem


I water in the evening, I'm not great at anything in the morning to be honest so it works for me. If you're already on top of your slug/snail situation then it probably makes little difference unless you're specifically growing plants which won't tolerate wet roots (but there aren't many I've found that won't cope with overnight wet roots before drying out over the next day).


Yes, don't forget that most plants don't like their feet being cold and wet at the same time, so watering in the evening early and late in the year when the nights are cold is not a good thing.

I water when I can, if I have the choice I'll do it in the morning for the above reasons. One thing to be mindful of is that if you're feeding plants a liquid feed be really careful not to get it on the leaves. I have several stained leaves because I did'nt follow my own advice. I will from now on.

Rainwater Fanatic

Last year at the Gardeners' World Live show I asked some chap from the UK Tomato Growers Association if he had any advice for us amateurs on growing Toms. His main advice was not to water after aboput 4pm, or as he eloquently put it - 'They don't like going to bed with their feet wet'.

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

that happens I try to do a slug patrol with a torch later in the evening 


Hah i love the dedication, I have not yet considered night patrols for slugs.

hollie hock

I water when I can, if you have small pots I find that giving them a good bottom drink seems to cut down on the watering a bit



I love going slug hunting with a bucket of brine at about 10.00 pm; and to think I used to go clubbing....

ecky thump artjak, I first read that as a "bucket of urine"

Woodgreen wonderboy

It really doesn't matter when you water as long as you do it often enough. Do it when you most enjoy doing it... the plants will say thank you either way..

The potty gardener

Artjak... my clubbing days are over too. A lovely garden is so much more rewarding than a hangover


Perhaps are slogan should be; slugging not clubbing / dun clubbing - now slugging