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Little weeeed

On wandering through my garden today,I spotted these holes.  They are in a narrow border which is covered with slates - no sand nearby.  Can anyone tell me what they are and are they friend or foe?

 There are lots of them all over the border. 


I think it is probably a lttle bee nesting in each hole. One bee per hole. Check to se if you see any flying in and out. If not, it might be ants. If they aren't in the way, just leave them bee

Little weeeed

Lol.  I'll keep a watch to see if it's bees. Thanks.


Yes and photos please  if you can! 

We love a bee pic on here 

wb- that was nearly as bad a joke as Verdun's!

Little weeeed

Have watched.....look like elongated thin bees/wasps.  Like hover flies?  Watched one drag a beetle of some sort into a hole backwards. Didn't have camera or phone for pic. I will persevere.  

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