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nutcutlet wrote (see)

Maybe it could be tackled best by starting in australia

You made me chukkle there Nut, do they get it roots up do you think.

I dont know why that gardener on TV should have said that about. Breaking the stems then poisoning, seems she was wrong!!.


Could someone please tell me how posting to questions about horsetails, with answers or advice about horsetails makes me a WUM, while posting to other threads about other users and talking about them behind their back (especially when they are new) doesn't make you a WUM?

Now you are accusing me of being someone else? I get it, the three of you are friends and I just made the mistake of posting on one of your threads about horsetails, with some advice on horsetails and you all started making conspiracy theories, privately pming about me, and then posting things about me. Could you all stop now?

Orchid Lady

Nut, I have emailed relatives in Oz and asked them to pull offending weed from their end, I'll report back next week on how we got on 

Don't know what you mean Lily, I can't see anything 

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