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Blackest I don't think that last picture is Coriander, if it is I don't know what I've just put on my meal.

Highland Jeannie
Fairygirl wrote (see)

I wondered if you were watching Verd - with the National Collection of Geums on it!

Your bit about your lupins reminded me of the Monty Python sketch - a spoof on Robin Hood but he was called Dennis Moore (!) When he stole from the rich, instead of saying 'your money or your life',  he said  'your life or your lupins'. I always think of it whenever I hear lupins mentioned  


Fairygirl wrote (see)

and there's a sneaky little buttercup at the back too! Bane of my life just now.

Don't talk to me about creeping buttercup!!!


all these herby things only need the scratch and sniff to identify. No smell, no herb.

I'd say you have morning glory, my seedlings are the same size, if it was bindweed and a weed it be romping  away by now.


i did find a couple of bits of it trying to strangle a stock and my australian cabbage plant.  I guess even morning glory needs checking if its in the wrong place.


Too true blackest, mine is trying to wind it's way up a neighbouring sunflower still in it's pot, was thinking of planting them out together.

Charlie, I'd say the leaves are slightly different but you wouldn't know unless you so the pictures.

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