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 Hello all,


me again new to gardening and these keep springing up at the moment but I'm not stop sure if it is a pretty weed of not? I have them in the front and back garden




It's hard to tell as the photo won't enlarge when I click on it - but I think you may have an aquilegia (pinky flower) - not a weed, and possibly some Alchemilla mollis in front of it - again not a weed.  Both can self-sow themselves all over the place but are not hard to keep control of.  

You've also got some other things there but I can't see what they are - can you take some closer up photos of the different shapes of leaves?

 Hope this is ok? 

Thank you 


That's alchemilla mollis, lady's mantle in the foreground - it has frothy green/ yellow flowers, which do seed around the place - if you want to limit the spread, cut off the flowers before they run to seed.

The leaves can look a bit tatty after flowering, so I tend to cut the whole plant back very hard then, a new flush of fresh green leaves will soon emerge.

The pink flowered plant at the back is an aquilegia, which can also be cut back hard after flowering for a fresh flush ofleaves and a second flowering if you're lucky. They're both perennial cottage garden type plants.


Oh that does not sound like fun, I'm already over run by bamboo!  

Thank you! 



Yes - my eyesight must be better than I thought  

The pink flowering plant at the back is Aquilegia (aka Columbine, Granny's Bonnet)  - it comes in several different colours and flower shapes and happily cross-pollinates with other aquilegias and self sows itself around - a lovely plant to have.

In front of that is Alchemilla mollis (Lady's mantle).  The leaves look gorgeous holding raindrops in the morning sun - it'll have greeny-yellow flowers on it later -(they look gorgeous in a vase with pink roses).  Later in the season after it's flowered and begins to look straggly, just chop it back to a few inches above the ground and it'll quickly send out lovely fresh leaves again.

 It'll also self-seed happily and next spring you'lll begin to notice little ones popping up nearby - you'll be able to transplant them to where you want them easily in the moist sort of weather we're getting at the moment, or pot them up and give them to your friends and fellow gardeners as swapsies - you'll be a real gardener then 

Sazac wrote (see)

Oh that does not sound like fun, I'm already over run by bamboo!  

Thank you! 

 They're lovely plants -  you won''t get over-run by them - they just self-seed -that's what happy and healthy plants do.  Otherwise you'd be better off without a garden 


You're lucky to have those plants. They are gorgeous, well behaved but will self seed gently. They do not take much looking after. 

Lily of,the valley.....weed?  Yes I think it is. Tried for years to get it going but now I want rid of it.


Oh Verdun are you trying to cause a little controversy again. Love it! I also love lilly of the valley but cant grow it whatever i try.

Perfect thank you very much everyone looking forward to them flowering Dove from above sorry I misunderstood I thought it would have been one of these plants that run wild 

thanks again all


No -  we'll let you know when you've got one that'll do that 

Judging by the amount of them on sale and the fact that gardeners world actively promote them I must be in the minority who see aquilegia as a pernicious and smothering nasty weed.

I rue the day I ever planted it which was over 15 years ago and still I am having to dig them out.

They particularly love to grow in between slabs where the incredibly strong root can not be got at.

I advise you rid yourself of it asap or regret for years.


It's a two year old thread easygardener. If Sazac hasn't updated on her opening post, perhaps it's because the columbines have taken over completely and she's underneath them all!  

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