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I wonder if anyone could help identify these two plants, they've come up in a border and i don't recognise them so suspect theyr're weeds. The first there are quite a few of, about two foot tall (at present in south east), leafy,no buds so far. Seems to be fairly shallow rooted, cream coloured & fibrous, but spreading through roots.

the second with the red centre, I've not pulled this up yet so not sure bout roots. there is just the one I've found so far, it's about 40cmtall and has a ed centre (not the lupin the background)


any  advice & suggestions gratefully




Hi the red one is Hypericum -will have yellow flowers and followed by black berries.Probably self seeded by birds.

The second looks like an Aster - probably the common purple one, will flower in Aug/Sept. Probably self seeded by the wind.

Leafy one - probably aster, or michaelmas daisy.


Many thanks- I'll stop pulling it all out then.



Leafy one could be a Penstemon


I really appreciate all your suggestions.

I did have an aster last year or the year before, but can't remember where i planted it and thought it hadn't survived the winter. I guess perhaps it did after all, and has seeded itself, there's rather a lot of it. I've replanted some that I'd dug up, will wait and see.

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