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Garden novice 2

Can anyone help? I bought a plant at local market a while ago , since then something else has appeared too. I have split them and wondered if anyone knew the mystery stalk?

I thought it was like a ribes leaf but is thicker and doesnt smell the same which made me think could it be a weed.


Thank you



What was the original plant?-you havent said

Well it is just another plant-but it is only a weed if you dont want it-hard to say from the picture

Grow it on see what you get

Garden novice 2

Ok thank you. Hopefully not a towering monster



I took the liberty of enlarging the image. A bit less sharp than the original, but...........

Still not sure what it is, looks like a Currant of some description.


Looks like a sycamore sapling

Garden novice 2

Thank you all for your help , and for re sizing the picture . I shall keep a good watch , hopefully I won't be growing a tree . 


Don't know what it is, but don't think it's a sycamore, I get lots of self set ones and they always have dead straight stems & if unnoticed I need the grafter to dig them out.

not unlike a nettle

Red flowering currant - Ribes sanguineum.

Garden novice 2

i have a ribes marshmello , that was what I originally thought but comparing them definitely not the same , this leaf it thicker and a little larger. Thank you for your kind ideas though everyone, very helpful. I shall study some books tonight now. 


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