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this little fellow has started springing up in my garden all over the pplace, a weed no doubt but can anyone shed any light on its identity. quite pretty i thought so may just leave it be.cheers.


Definetely dead nettle [ lamium ] Some would say weed some flower. If you like it keep it, although can spread a bit!

 Thanks for the answers. Just did a quick google and I all the the dead nettles seem to have a different structure with the flowers forming at leaf joints or just above the leaves as in the picture above. This one is more like a flower spike forming above all the leaves kind of like a salvia??


Thats the one Dovefromabove. thanks for everyones answers. much appreciated.


I have this in my garden. It comes out from the ancient hedge line(mainly hawthorn),on long  underground runners like a white dead nettle. It is perennial. I just keep yanking it out when its finished flowering. The insects like it a lot.

The purple dead nettle is an annual.


which one was it on this family that as kids we picked flowers to suck out the sweetness..


I have a garden variety of this which is very pretty, flowers in June, Stachys Grandiflora.


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