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I have recently had turf laid ( now due for its first cut ) and earlier this week I sprayed weedkiller on weeds on the driveway that abuts the lawn - now notice a small patch of grass at the lawn edge has turned brown.

Would grass seed be the solution or just leave it and see what happens?

Grateful of any help

Many thanks


Morning labradouble

No, don't reseed just yet.....water that area really well 

You don't say what type of may also kill any reseeded grass.  Live with it for few weeks then reseed in September if necessary 



....Or you may find the adjoining grass will grow into it.... if you see that happening, chances are the weedkiller has lost its effectiveness... sprinkle a little fresh topsoil on top and water.


Weedkiller lasts about 3 months so after that you should be OK to dig up that bit of grass and then next time you cut the grass leave some cuttings on the bald patch, with luck they will drop some seeds and it will reseed itself with the matching grass. 


Thank you

It was Roundup weedkiller - if that makes a difference?

Right, that will kill the grass totally in that area.  Wait a couple of weeks for grass to die off then rake soil and reseed.  Not the ideal time but, kept moist, will germinate fast.

Hi, can you advise on the best weedkiller for spot weeding the lawn if not Roundup please?  I don't live in the UK though so not sure what sort of thing I can buy in Bulgaria.



You say it's new turf, if it's not rooted firmly, you could cut the affected piece out, if it's not too big, and turn it round so the good turf is on the edge and the bad bid inside, if you see what I mean. It'll be easier to reseed than if it's on the edge.


Hostafan - you've replied to the initial post which was a good while ago - there's been another question on this thread today from Nikki, which is what I've replied to

NIKKI. I use spot weed sprays for my lawn.  DO NOT USE A GLYPHOSATE weedkiller on your lawn, eg. roundup and other brands.

go to any gc or diy store and look at lawn treatments.  Look for LAWN weed killer.  These are dedicated products to kill weeds but not the grass, if used correctly. You can get speaks to kill isolated weeds or mixtures to cover the whole lawn.  If you want to treat the whole lawn then I agree with Dove and use a complete feed and weed product.


DUH, sorry, silly old me. 

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