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flowering rose

I have similar problem with one of the gardens(in fact there are 5 gardens in all that run into mine and all are problem)that the person in question has lost interest and does no gardening hence I have a huge Rhododendron growing up my hawthorn tree and allsorts of over grown bushes and shrubs.We just lean over and hack at it ever so often but unless we get really nasty (which  one wouldnot want to) there is not a lot else.I chop off what comes over and pull the ivy away,annoying.


Unfortunately we all have "those" neighbours. I think the barrier below-ground is the only real solution. Some people are just selfish and do not think about how their gardens are affecting others and their gardens.


Lyn, don't you believe it! My garden backs onto a field with a difficult owner; I get bindweed, nettles and hog weed trying to escape from the field into my garden. I now have the habit of pulling weeds up as I walk near the fence. It seems to keep it under control. A few years back, the nice chap who was renting the field suggested that I put down membrane and cover it with bark on the field side. This I did (£50 plus my time); the owner ripped it all up and plonked it in my garden within a week. Even though it saved them from hand spraying up near my fence, which they never bother to do....


I never have any trouble like that from the owner of the field around us,  he has been more than generous. He keeps the field spotless, he is organic so no weed killer spraying around, lovely smell of dung though.

He does leave wildlife edges, but the seeds dont seem to spread into the garden. Ground elder is the worst thing here.




clogerhead, interesting article but can't see the relevance; the field I'm talking about is used for making hay so they have to spray to keep ragwort(?) down as it poisons horses(?)


Hi Artjak, I may have misunderstood your text for that I apologize . Do you still have the weed

membrane if so could you not dig a trench on your side of the fence and put the w/m into it .or

build a block wall  .



My builder, who was brilliant, 12 years ago did put DPC plastic right up against the concrete gravel boards but the blasted weeds come through any gap, including holes that I've cut so that I can plant things along the fence to soften the lines of it. I chose to live here because I love the view, so I shouldn't really whinge about a few weeds. I only posted the details to explain to Lyn that living surrounded by fields does have its' drawbacks.

Lyn wrote (see)

this one doesnt have a problem!,Moorview,+Milton+Abbot,+Tavistock,+Devon+PL19+0PX&gl=uk&t=h&ei=VWFQUcfaKarz0gWx_oCoBQ&ved=0CDYQ8gEwAA

But back on topic, I think if your neighbours are approachable, a combination of helping them clear and putting barrier down at the same time would be a good way to go.



So you're near Endsleigh Nusery then Lyn? Drove very near you on Sunday!

my next door neighbours on both sides dont clear the weeds in their gardens i am at my wits end trying to cope with the problem, i have recently had a knee replacement so i can no longer kneel down on the ground to clear the weeds coming through the fences how can i cope with it


You could try spraying them with glyphosate as they come through.

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