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Please help I've recently moved into a new home with a lovely garden, and things are starting to grow up nicely but I've noticed that I have this vine or weed that keeps wrapping it self around the plants,, I try in vain to clear it but it just keeps coming back, how do I tell if it is Japanese knotweed or a Russian vine!!!!! I am a novice to gardening,, please send some advice please !! 


Japanese Knotweed doesn't wrap itself around things, so you can breathe more easily 

You might have bindweed in the garden - there are two sorts, the white flowered which is larger and the pink flowered which is smaller .  

Russian vine is a much larger plant 

If you post a pic of the offending weed we'll have a go at identifying it for you - to post a pic you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar ar the top of where you type your post, and follow the instructions.  Don't hesitate to ask if that's not clear 

Many thanks for the help I hope you get the photo 




I don't think it is knotweed.  We had knotweed and its leaves come off the stalk 'alternately' - ie first one leaf on one side, then another leaf on the other side.   I think your suspect has leaves coming off 'opposite' - ie two leaves coming at the same point on either side?

Breathe easy!

If it's bindweed it is a nuisance but definitely beatable.  This forum will give you lots of great advice on how to get rid of it.  Have fun in your new garden!



Thank you all so much, I now feel relieved that it's not the dreaded knotweed and can get out and enjoy cleaning up the garden 

thank you 


Bindweed can be difficult to completely eradicate but pulling it out, not hoeing as that just chops it up into small pieces which will each grow, and disposing of in the bin will reduce the problem.

If you feel up to it you can dig it out.  The roots are long, white and stiff, quite unlike most other roots.  It can be quite a job but worth it.

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