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Woodgreen wonderboy

Many, many years ago I was told that French gardeners keep their lawns green by raising the cutting height on the mower and cutting the grass long, so to speak. i have cut mine relatively long ever since. Is this true in your experience, Busy-Lizzie?


In times of drought you shouldn't cut the grass too short where ever you are, but lawns here never have that velvety look that they do in England. The grass here is coarser.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

It's only the weeds that keep my 'lawn' green in summer. Special thanks to white clover and self heal.

Ha, ha nutcutlet, sound like home! Not to mention the green moss, green is green is green!

Hi Tilley B....just wanted to say that if you use the Morrisons stuff please be really careful and do it on a still day as I imagine that breathing it in or getting it on your hands won't do you any good. It's a powdery mix in a box. Good luck to you and the bump!

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