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Have so many weeds in my lawn. Whats the best way of getting rid of them without starting again. HELP PLEASE! !!!

You can buy selective weedkillers for lawns anywhere-or use a weed and feed.

Cheers thanks. Was just hoping for a cheaper option! Going to have to shell out!

I have the same problem and I am going to buy a fiskas weed puller.

I just have loads of weeds! Have thought of weeding then seeding the patches. But it would take too long!


Woodgreen wonderboy

Have a look at Verdone,which you make up into a spray/can and water on. i use it to go after those weeds the weed and feed might miss. Yellow trefoil is a particular problem later as it colonises the spaces left when other weeds die. You can't win!! The weed and feed will encourage grass growth remarkably. Use a drop spreader in preference as it doesn't woosh the weedkiller over your plants.


The cheapest way to get rid of weeds in a lawn is to crawl on your hands and knees, methodically across it, with a small kitchen knife or sturdy pen knife, taking the weeds out.  Then scatter fertiliser and water in.   Your lawn will soon look fine.

Bit pricey, but will last you for years, is a wolf-garten weeding knife.  Sharp at the end, and rounded, about 6 inches long (at the business end), ideal for getting tap root plants like dandelion and thistle out.  Make sure you get the metal one (I don't bother with plastic garden tools, as I tend to use lots of brute force and not sure if they'd snap).  You will also need to buy a handle, I'd suggest either the 15 cms one if you're going to be working on hands & knees, or the one with a long shaft and a D-shaped handle if you prefer working standing up, or have mobility problems.

It's very good for chopping slugs in half, too.


It's only the weeds that keep my 'lawn' green in summer. Special thanks to white clover and self heal.

Sounds like a plan to get on my hands and knees then! I do have allot of weeds though so it's going to look bare.....will fertiliser help the growth of runners? So I dont have to grass seed the bare patches?
I'm looking for a purse friendly option too, but crawling on my hands and knees isn't an option at the moment. I'm 6 months pregnant so cannt get down there very easily (and certainly can't get back up again!). Would love to have a beautiful green patch for after I pop. Have visions of sitting outside with sprog... Sigh...

Been there, got stuck!! 

Good idea to try when you're 8 and a half months gone and utterly fed up of being the size of a small whale!

Sitting outside when bump arrives will be way down the list of priorities (and be really, really carefull, newborn skin is very delicate and needs protecting from the sun), sleep will probably be number one priority!

Ha ha! I know I'll be aiming for the very end of Summer, a girl can dream still be nice to sort out the lawn before then though...
You attempted it whilst 81/2 months gone? Ambitious!
I used weed and feed from Morrisons ( own brand so good on price) on a patch that was 70% weeds as a last attempt. It was so thick of weeds that I actually thought I'd have to dig it up completely. The Morrisons stuff was BRILL! Worked a treat and so much better than I could have imagined. The weeds went black and then not long after it turned into a lush grassed area. This was last year and its still looking fab.


No - wasn't gardening!!  Got down to brush the dogs, and got stuck!  Luckily my Husband was in at the time and standing by with a block & tackle to get me upright again.  With my first I ended up in a Wheelchair (I have ME/CFS), so ANY gardening was out of the question.  Hence the wilderness I need to tackle now!

I daisy grub as many weeds as I can be bothered to get every autumn and replace them with bulbs. Gives nice colours in winter/spring

I plan on leaving in pretty much anything except dandelions, but my favourite weed killer is table salt. I have eliminated dandelions by cutting off the tops and filling the hole with salt, then leave for a while and pull out after they have died. I have read that pouring salt into the middle of rosetted lawn weeds acheives the same affect. Cheap, and less labour intensive than just pulling them out.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

It's only the weeds that keep my 'lawn' green in summer. Special thanks to white clover and self heal.

Yes, we've got lots of those in our lawn - and wild marjoram as well. 

I got stuck when prising a plantain out of a lawn when I was pregnant - I had to crawl indoors on my hands and knees and remained there until husband came home from work 


Gosh, how uncomfortable, Dove, must have been a bit scary.

Every spring I spray with selective weedkiller, then sprinkle on lawn fertiliser before the next rain forecast. Lawns are tricky here in SW France as it gets too hot and dry in summer.