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Just purchased a small piece of land by my house. Been digging the over grown grass and weeds out but as quick as I'm clearing an area the weeds are shooting up again.  What is the best way to get rid of them and not damage the soil?


hi gardenqueen, If they're annuals i'd hoe or burn, if perennials i'd let them grow on well and then treat them to some glyphosate

Thanks will try out your advice.


hi there gardenqueen i would use a glyphosate based weedkiller like round up pro biotive as it biodegrades in the soil and they say is safe for planting just 6 weeks after treatment.. maybe try sprsying the area and leaving for a week or two then digging the area again so any seeds laying deepcom to the surface and germinate then they can also be treated job done will be alot eaiser to keep on top of them that way hope that helped a bit.. know quite a bit about thsi sort of thingvits my job lol 

Hi G Q

I do not recomend poisons! as they are not nature friendly!      

All gardeners must be nature friendly!!

To get a usable area for this season' yes dig and clear,but if not in a hurry,

then cover with a dark membrane sheet, all below will die through lack of light

and you are left with a nice clean area to dig and plant!




Perennial weed roots will not die through lack of light.  


And those membranes aren't nature friendly if you're a worm or other soil dweller.

I hate those organic ground covers...membranes, old carpets etc.  The ground just looks awful, some weeds are controlled but others not.

Nothing beats digging....once the soil is cleared or bindweed, etc....and often it can be a once only procedure.

Digging is the best form of exercise so they say!

I've mainly used digging, but have also used glyphosate selectively, in that I don't spray or water it in, I paint the leaves. 

I'll be using a membrane under slate to replace some paving, but wouldn't use to kill off weeds

Just watching A-Z of gardens about earthworms - the gardeners friend .

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