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help needed how can I get rid of this no matter what I use  or how much I dig out I cant get rid of it.


I hate using any chemicals but in this case you have to....unless anyone else knows different....

A 96 year old lady I used to work for taught me....A systemic weedkiller, buy as big a container as you can get. Stuff as much bindweed into a jar as you can then pour, dont spray weedkiller into jar. Lay it on its side (so rain can't get in) on the ground and leave it until bindweed dead. Might take a couple of hits but it works and does the least damage to surrounding plants, wildlife as poss. 


Glyphosate weedkiller is the only way.  Digging will only make it worse.  Get the weedkiller onto the leaves (either with the jar method above or wipe it on with your hands (wear rubber gloves) and then cover with plastic bag so it doesn't smear off on other plants.  Then WAIT (this is important) till the plant is completely dead - possibly several weeks.  You have to wait till it has carried the weedkiller right down into its roots.


Put some washing up liquid with the Glyphosate, this will de-wax the leaf and help to get more chemical absorbed.


Nice one, slaphead - I'll try that next time.


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