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I think that we have a weeping willow plant  and it does not seem to grow higher but instead it grows outward. It seems to have died a little but looks shabby. Are we doing anything wrong or what should we do with  it? 

It does come out in spring through summer but just seems to have long branches underneath but not much to look at.




Can you put a photo up?


Is this a weeping willow like you see by the river or one of those small ones with the wider leaves and white pussies?


I'm wondering if its one of those grafted type

flowering rose

I have grown a weeping willow from  a twig (3 times in fact) and it grew into a beautiful tree but too big for the garden and needed pollarding every winter to keep it in shape. We took it down later.



It might be a Kilmarnock willow and they do look pretty awful through summer.  Theyr'e grafted onto a root stock so don't get any higher but do get wider and the branches are often too long for their height.  Deeply unattractive IMHO.


I think it's another example of failure to look at the overall plant. The fluffy pussies are pretty for a couple of weeks. A year has 52 weeks, that's 50weeks with dull leaves on a sad shaped bush

Jim Macd

Those ones do have a saving grace though nut. They're goat willow and so are in the top ten plants good for wildlife. Having said that I got rid of mine within a month of moving in and gave the stem to the neighbour for turning, into a cricket bat for all I know.


I prefer my goat willow in a more attractive shape Jim.

Thanks for the help guys.


Much appreciated. Perhaps I can load a picture soon to help?





Good idea Dennis, then we'll know which willow we're talking about.

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