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Leanne Pugh

Not got the greatest of lawns but boyfriend noticed this morning large patches of egg shaped stuff on the grass/moss/weeds!

It looks like small grapes, are they some kind of buf larvae? Seem quite large for bugs though, any ideas would be helpfuly.


Toadstools   I look forward to this time of year and all the different fungi that appear.  If you want to mow the lawn sweep the fungi/toadstools off first to avoid making a sludgy mess of the lawnmower and lawn, but othewise just enjoy watching nature at work 

Leanne Pugh

profile pic is now offending items!



Yes, having seen your pic scrub the fungi idea (think I was misled by the buf/bug typo ).

Rabbit or deer droppings.  Have you lost any shrub/rose leaves?  If so I'd suspect deer, or an escaped sheep or goat.

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