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Alina W

It could be either mice or rabbits.


It`s probably Keel slugs Lyn, spread some slug pellets to sort them out. They live in the soil and only come out at night so you rarely see them.


Thank you for your help, I have used nematodes, but have also now put some pellets around.

Any help for dealing with lily beetles - I have collected almost 30 in the past week and only have about 6/7 lilies in my garden never seen as many as this year - any help would be much appreciated


A yellow leathery type grub is eating the roots of my lettuce how do i get rid of it and what is it!?



Looking for a bit of advice with reference my beautiful plum tree. Its dropping lots of semi formed plums. They are still smallish and green. Also the leaves are full of tiny little holes, not sure if maybe the birds have been pecking the leaves.

DBatma wrote (see)

We have just had a new patio constructed ( 4 months since completion) and already a significant area is turning plae green. Would appreciate advice on best way to tackle this before it covers the whole patio please

Hi, I have this problem every year and the best way I have found is to mix some path cleaner with bleach about half a small cup of each put this into a watering can and top up with approx 5 ltrs of cold water, swish this around to mix well and then water the area with this mixture.  Of course mix more as needed.  Just leave it dry off and hopefully over the next few days you should see an improvement, rain will wash off any excess and it keeps on working for a good while.  It works for me - good luck.

What on earth is eating the tops off of my onions and clives? The tops are being eaten from the very top so would seem like quite a large culprit.
Please someone help I am in dispair.
Alina W

Bob, do you have mice?


susangardener wrote (see)


Looking for a bit of advice with reference my beautiful plum tree. Its dropping lots of semi formed plums. They are still smallish and green. Also the leaves are full of tiny little holes, not sure if maybe the birds have been pecking the leaves.

The dropping of fruit is quite normal at this time of year - it's called the "June drop" and is the tree's way of getting rid of fruit it can't bring to full size.

Just started growing fruit and veg on an allotment. having problems with slugs and bugs on newly turned soil.  Ants are also a major concern. any advice on solving my first year blues would be appreciated.



I need some advice my Victoria plum tree is looking very sorry at the moment.  A few weeks ago I noticed the leafs were covered in greenfly/whitefly, so I sprayed with soapy water.  Now the a lot of leafs and turned blacked and withered, my fruit yield looks not good too.  I'm wondering what I should do to prevent this happening next year.  The tree is 3 years old now and I'm thinking should I prune it?

Lisa  Appleby

Hi can anyone help or have you experienced the same I have 3 christmas trees in my garden and to me they look like they are dieing all the needles have fallen off, daylight is now very visable and so are all the birds nest.  At the top there are a couple of branches that have a cluster of needles at the end.  will the growth of the tree rejuvenate next year, or should I just cut them down and replace with wild life friendly hedging.  I hate to cut anything down specially trees but they are hardly any use to the birds with no cover.


Lisa  Appleby

I am experiecing the same with my plum tree I noticed today its being over run with green fly and I am the same its 3 years old, when I looked into pruning you are supposed to do it in June but the weather up here was so bad in June I left it I am tempted to take just a little off whilst we have this dry weather and see what happens.  The way this year is going I think you just have to take the chance when the weather is good.


I'm new to veg gardening and have just taken on a jungle of an allotment and trying to weed out long grass thistle and nettle roots from well beneath the soil but struggling to get everything, (no car to pick up a rotovator so down to grafting ! and want to grow organically so chemicals are out of the question) have put down barrier fabric but want to sow green manure over winter. Can anyone tell me if it's more likely that the weeds will have grown up by the time the clover etc is big enough to overshadow them ? Is it possible to sow my manure then cover with the barrier over until the seeds start to sprout and then take the sheet off so they get a chance to grow before the weeds are unmanageable ? Please help anyone  !!  


Thanks Kate1123 that's really useful. Will try it.


I have had lily beetle on my onions and shallots for the last to years.  They don't seem to do much damage to the bulbs just burrowing into the stems.  I'm pretty sure it is the lily beetle because they young have the same habit of covering themselves in their own excrement.  Has anyone else noticed this?

I have had a quercus ilex delivered (container grown). It is very tall and thin with branches at the top, no branches lower down.  Is this normal?

I grew some buttersqushes from seed in middle size bukets. They grew very nicely however they produced beautiful large yellow flowers but none ended in any squash. what did i do wrong?  thanks for any advice.