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Caz W

Does anyone know what this mysterious thing is growing at the base of my hawthorne tree?  The ground is quite damp (whose ground isn't at the moment!)  and covered with bark mulch. Do I need to be worried about it affecting other plants?


it is a fungus, encouraged by damp conditions. i shouldnt think it would directly affect other plants (although you might get other fungi growing somewhere else).

Clare Price

How do a deal with boron defiecency?



What are the symptoms and what do you want to grow?


Hi i live in wales I brought a bleeding heart plant and planted it last week in a semi shady place we have been hit by frost almost every morning, since then the leaves it had are wilting but it has new leaves coming have I over watered/under watered or is this normal in frosty conditions? I'm a novice to gardening and don't know what to do!

Thanks in advance for your help
Hiya novice13
When you planted did you water it in?
Have you watered it since?
For me, I would water any plant well on planting and then leave well alone at the moment. New leaves are very good sign that all is well.
Semi shaded position is good too
Hi verdun thanks for getting back so quick I did water it in when I planted it but as I have laid new turf as well I have been watering that every day. I think I will leave the bleeding heart alone as you suggest then and hope that it will be ok when the weather finally warms up!

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