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I was given some wellies for christmas, they were a bit snug but I assumed that they would strtech but they are still too tight for thick socks. Does anyone know a tip for loosening them?

I would think that would be impossible. Sorry.


It'll be easier to get some sandpaper and make your feet a bit smaller 

I had a feeling that this would not be good news


Get some more.  I have 3 pairs - one sized for bare feet or thin summer socks, one for one pair of thick socks and one for 2 pairs.   Great for assorted dog walking and gardening depending on the weather and protection from ants and nettles.



Probably need a pair of waders to go with those three pairs of wellies!....

Oh and a pair of flippers and a pair of sandles..... That should cover all eventualities for this summer I should think!!!??...



OH has the waders for cleaning the pond of rampant flag iris and blanket weed when it comes.   My veg plot is raised beds and paths so I do wear flip flops to hoe and sow there in clement weather..

The Doctor

Personally I wear Muckboots (Other half has a horse) they are a tad expensivem mine cost £50 3 years ago but they are durable and have a neoprean lining. My other half wears Hunters but she goes though a pair every 6 months! Good thing she has size 3 feet and can get away with kids prices.

Obelixx thanks for the suggestion, I will request a larger size for my birthday.


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