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To anyone that could help I have brought flowering seeds today and I'm just getting confused with what comes back what doesn't please could some kind gardener tell me so I can write it down.starting with hardy perennial,half hardy annual,half hardy perennial,hardy biennial.thank you flowers are a new thing I've been into I mostly plant veg .

Hardy perennial-comes up every year -does not need protection-some live longer that others

Half-hardy perennial-does need protection but will grow year after year-like pelargonium ,some fuschias-lots of others

Half-hardy annual -seed to flower then seed in one season-not frost-tolerant-most bedding plants -petunias etc

Hardy Annual-similar but can tolerate some frost

Hardy Biennial-from seed to flower takes a year-wallflowers, Sweet Williams. etc

Fantastic thank you so much sotongeoff for taking the time to help me out

Hardy means it can survive our winters

Half hardy means it might survive in mild areas

Annuals germinate, flower and seed in one season. hardy annuals can survive the winter, half hardy ones only a very mild winter

biennials germinate one year, overwinter as a small plant then flower and seed the next year

perennials have a long life. they can be hardy (survive in our climate), half hardy (survive if you're lucky and it's a mild winter) or tender (dead at the first frost)

Oh thank you so much nutcutlet I'm now going to write all the info down and stick it on the fridge thank again



You'll soon get used to it Tracy.

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