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Last night, we found one of our pumpkins broken in half and hidden in a bush.  There were no seeds or anything anywhere but there were a few bite marks on each side of the remaining half.  It's not a big deal to us, but we're a bit stumped on what it could be.  Especially since it was gone without a trace this morning.  A deer, maybe?  Is that typical deer behavior?  Here are pictures of the bites for reference.



I don't know of any rats or foxes with jaws able to get around a pumpkin that size.  As I said - humans. 


Honestly, that's what I was afraid of.  I couldn't find any images of animal bites that looked at all like what we saw.  Thanks for your help.



If an old badger had lost both its upper and lower canines, those toothmarks would fit but I do think that's unlikely!  Are there similar marks on the inside (probably difficult to tell)?  If there is a squashed flat section instead, then it just might be deer (which have no upper teeth, just a boney plate.)  I'm with Dove though and if I was a gambing man, my money would be on humans, probably inebriated ones at that.


Happened on a Friday night - someone on the way home maybe??? Bit off more than they could chew? 

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