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Hi,any suggestions what tall plants I can put behind this peony and frog?

It will be in the shade on the pic below



Fairly dry soil but last nights downpour did get to it, the trees will take most of it I think.

nothing has been tried in that spot before, the trees used to be full of leaves to the ground.

all pics taken in full sun.

would prefer not to spend a fortune on this area (although can always be persuaded). 



It looks as though it could be pretty dry under that tree. If it's ground cover that's not too invasive and looks quite neat then what about epimedium? It flowers very early so it would be more for leaves than flowers, but it can cope with dryness.

 I have 3 sorts including this yellow one (this is Google, not mine) to give you an idea.


Now I've just looked back and seen you've asked for a tall plant, bother, it's not very tall.


Thanks BL, I might use it somewhere else but yes I'd like to see it behind the peony, not too worried if it doesn't flower.

Ligustrum Aureum....golden privet is a lovely shrub that would tolerate that position.  Philadelphus Aureum? 

Phormium yellow wave?  Miscanthus zebrinus or variegatus?  Euphorbia characias too would look good there.

If you could add some goodness to planting hole helleborus Corsicus would fit in.....lime green flowers in spring and grey green evergreen serrated folIage?

If you have a few hours of sun buddleia Harlequin is stunning.  Arum lily if you could add some compost...white flowers in late spring.  

Or, in a nice pot, pieris flaming silver with acorus Ogon around the edge....better still with brunnera hadspen cream with its forget me not blue flowers




Fairygirl was talking about fatsias earlier today - they are happy in shade, and can get quite tall.  No flowers, but look good all year round.


Verdun you never disappoint, will look some of suggestions up. Have some sort of phormium but wouldn't be tall enough. Lily sounds very nice. Not got a clue what the others are! Are they tall grasses? (knowing you!) I  think id like that as don't have any yet and theyd have room to spread.

Chicky I have also just planted ( and posted) my new fatsia to left of this site so could move it along now or later.

Still a bit concerned about the lack of light.1). if there was a suitable 'standard' would that help the light as would reach the leaves better, then underplanting may be easier.2). I suppose I could move the peony 3). Would there be enough light before the peony grows to help the new plant?

Sorry I couldn't think how to get my thoughts across, hope you get an idea of what I mean - probably over worrying and over thinking. 

thank you x

Mrs garden, yes the miscanthus are tall grasses.  Zebrinus has gold horizontal bands across the entire length of the leaves.  Gold Bar is more compact version of it. Variegatus is n white leaves but with the overall impact of white.  Clean  lines and slightly arching at a fountain. Maybe post a pic but don't want to hog photo lists.  Miscanthus have beige to pink flowers from end of August to autumn that fade but hold until removed in spring.  The grasses would provide shimmering movement to an otherwise static corner.....

Just a comment....peony needs sun to flower properly so....does it flower there?  If so, you have enough light there.  Not sure your peony would enjoy being moved either


Really like the sound of a grass, yes the peony flowers well, less so this year but I think its due for thought was if the light gets 'behind' the peony. Are they also evergreen, not at all essential but would be seen from the house in winter.

So at GC tomorrow im looking for miscanthus varigatus? whiteish to complement dark corner, fountainlike to look stunning. And flowers in autumn! Wow sounds perfect.

A pic would be fab, pleeease....


I'd agree that grasses would be good there and will give you the height you're after MrsG. Chick mentioned the Fatsias but I think they might find it too dry with the other planting  competing for moisture but if you have it in a similar spot just now it's worth trying -you can always move it if it struggles. Phormiums would do well I'd think - the common green and purple ones get up to a good height - 5/6' or more usually. 


Thanks Fg, I will leave fatsia in place for now. Also didn't realise my phormium will grow so tall, but its good to do that where it is in the 'crucible'.

cornus dogwood also in resrve for nearby spot in pic where there's some sun.

Can't wait to get to GC this pm to find a grass!

Well, mrs G, did you get your grass?  We all want to know before we go to the land of nod

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