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We've got some Miracle Gro compost in use at the moment, as well as some miracle gro seeding compost. What does everyone else recommend?


Lol. I saw the B&Q one, glad I didn't buy some. Saw a deal in B&Q for the miracle gro so went for that


Not knowing where you live- I bought some lovely peat-based stuff from Scats but they are only based in the South-I would recommend that-can post a link if you want

Excitable Boy

If you live in the South-east, Wales or midlands try Durstons compost - £1.48 for 20ltr bags at SPAR. Really good stuff - I have used it for seeds and seelings without any problems. Don't be shy of asking the manager to get you some if they don't have it on display.


if im seeding i use miracle grow as a base then sprinkle seeds and layer with john innes no 1, its a finer compost, ive used levington but some are heavy.

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