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My new garden is south facing, 4m wide x 10 m long and has a 5 or 6 foot solid fence all the way round. I've got E - W beds running down both sides, c. 1 m wide (not much in them yet).

At the moment, I'd say the beds get direct sun for about 5 hours each, but have not measured this, admittedly.

Is that a decent amount of sun? All the flowers I've started off seem to say full sun or full sun/part shade - are they likely to flower?



Paper flowers yes that's decent amount of sunshine. Sounds nice aspect too.
You could grow quite a wide range of plants there. Just grow your plants knowi g they will be just fine there.

Thanks for your reply Verdun

Oh good news - that's made my day! At the moment it seems to me that the west facing bed is warmer, but possibly this is because of the cold east winds we have been having - is there likely to be much difference between the east and west sides once spring gets properly underway?

I wouldnt anticipate issues like that. Not often we can give all our plants the absolute perfect conditions anyway.

Yeah you're right - I tend to over-worry when it comes to the garden...



Part shade means that the plant is in the line of sight of the sun for roughly half the day in summer, I think. 

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