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Here's a picture of my house on a bright and sunny day. The front of our house doesn't get the sun until about 5pm and along the front of the house was a disabled access ramp that we've built a small wall and filled with stones so there's no soil either.

I've tried a few different pot plants but havn't had much success.

Ideally I'm looking for a few plants that are happy in pots, with limited day light and ideally quite colourful? What should I go for?





The majority of brightly coloured flowering plants also need bright sunshine, so I think I'd consider going for plants with variegated foliage.  There are lots of variegated hostas that would be happy growing in pots just there - however they die right back in the winter.  

Acuba Golden King  is an evergreen and would be happy there and although it can grow quite large, growing it in a container would restrict its growth. 

Hosta, pulmonaria, tiarella, bergenia's, shrubs, skimmia's, mahonia, sarcocca, will all tolerate that sort of position. If your'e potting a shrub make sure it's in a large pot. 

I would go for ferns and busy lizzies.  Simple, easy, floriferous throughout the summer months and elegant. For me pots of same colour busy lizzies too and white has to be for at least one pot.  


The greens and whites look good in shade.  Bright colours don't look their best


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it.


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