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Many of the leaves on one of my laurel bushes have holes in them - irregular shapes, not round and there has obviously been some chomping of the outside edges. After googling last night I decided it could be vine weevil. What did I do? In the dark? Rush out to the garage and prepare a litre of Provado vine weevil killer with which I watered the shrub. I know - very stupid. I realised this morning this product should only be used on plants in containers. I do hope someone will be able to assure me that I haven't done anything terrible. There is nothing planted very close to the laurel......

Just killed a few innocent parties Berkley


And it won't kill the adults weevils any way. I have had one swimming in pure bleach without it dying.

So why can the product only be used on plants in containers? My worry was that I would have contaminated the soil.....

Any flowering plants which grow in the area will take up the chemicals which will pass into the pollen.  It is thought that this contaminated pollen may be poisoning bees.

 If I were in your position I would remove any flowers from any plants in the area this summer before they can be visited by bees.  



By the way, how high up were the damaged leaves?  Vine weevils don't fly ....... 

They might not fly but they can certainly climb, I have found them 8 feet up a grape vine.

Approximately three feet, Dovefromabove....

Well, as Steephill says - they can climb - but I'd have thought they'd have preferred something nearer ground level and a bit softer than those tough brittle laurel leaves.  Are we sure it's vine weevil damage? 

Any pics?

Will take one as soon as it stops pouring with rain! Don't like the thunder either...

I like thunder  but rain during the day can be a nuisance 

Am trying to upload photo....don't usually have any problems, but it won't work at the moment. A web site problem? Or something "my end"?

Are you clicking on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post?  There's instructions there 


I've found a ton of slugs and snails on my Laurels before, it must be a special flavour

Still cannot post my photo....very frustrating. Have never had the problem before. Have posted a query on Talkback. No luck with one suggestion given so far. I get as far as "Upload" and then it asks me to save. I had expected the usual "Insert"... will keep trying. (Still got Path: p at the bottom)


Victoria Sponge

Is the photo in the window when it asks you to save?

On my iPad it goes select-upload-save...

No, it isn't! Although I took the photo on my iPhone it's my laptop I'm trying to upload from. Will have another go tomorrow. Tempted to take another photo - on my camera this time. Thanks for your interest Victoria Sponge.

Still no luck. I keep trying , but still come unstuck when I get to the final stage. The only choice I have is to "save" when what I want to do is insert the photo. I've never had this problem before, but am very fed up because I want to show you some photos!


Seeing Save after Upload is normal Berkley.



 Problem solved at long last (husband is wonderful!) Seems it was all to do with size of image...ANYWAY: any ideas much appreciated. My vine weevil treatment doesn't seem to have had any disastrous effects - but do you think this is the problem?